High praise and 5 stars to Mr.Anas for such a fantastic customer experience. I had hoped to find what I was looking for, but Mr.Anas went beyond any of my expectations. His knowledge and capability to explain and simplify choosing the perfect rock and ring in an extremely great price, excellent quality, and personalized customer service made this such a perfect experience.

Yazan A

I met Jo Dowless about 5 years ago when I started shopping with you. She has been wonderful. She knows what type of jewelry I like and is quick to show me pieces she knows I may love. I've purchased some that I may not have seen walking through, had she not brought them to my attention. I'm wearing beautiful earrings today that I did not notice.....

Martha N

I recently had a few modest pieces of jewelry I hoped to sell. I had heard of the fine reputation of Perry's Jewelry store since shortly after moving to Charlotte in 1981. I was privileged to meet Ms. Holly Nester, Graduate Gemologist, at Perry's. She is a delightful, personable, yet thoroughly professional woman who inspires confidence in her knowledge of her field of expertise. She provided a realistic and very fair purchase offer. She made my experience there a true joy! The Perry's and their employees who represent them, far exceed their excellent reputation!

Larry A

In total, Perry's is a great place to work with. Friendly and knowledgeable staff. They build a relationship rather than just looking for a transaction.

We have always been satisfied with our purchases and a recent watch servicing was done exceptionally well. I had an older timepiece that needed attention and it now looks like new and I am back to wearing it and enjoying it.

Job well done!

Janine L.