Do Guys Wear A Ring While Engaged?

What comes to mind when you hear the words engagement ring? If you envision a woman with an enormous and fine dazzling gem on her left finger, you aren't alone. Traditionally, it was customary for the man to get down on one knee, ask for the woman's hand, and wait to wear a wedding band after exchanging vows. In recent decades though, men are more open to wearing engagement rings alongside their spouses. The question of whether a man should wear an engagement ring or not doesn't have a simple answer. Read on to find out why!

The gender role conundrum

In the past, engagement rings symbolized the "ownership" of a woman. That notion has gone with the winds, with the rings representing a woman's free choice to get married. But what of the woman who proposes to her husband-to-be? Or same-sex (male) couples? Here, you'll still expect engagement rings to hold during the proposal, and so men may receive rings to wear during their engagement.

What if you don't like rings?

Some men dislike wearing rings or any jewelry. During the engagement period, such men can display their relationship status still while not necessarily wearing engagement rings on the ring finger. Your partner may want to announce to the world that you are taken, and one way to avoid the ring dilemma is by attaching it to your necklace and wearing it. And if you work on a messy job such as plumbing, construction, or waste collection, you probably cringe at the thought of wearing your ring to work. Who said wearing an engagement ring has to be on your finger?

The cultural trend

While other men choose to wear engagement rings due to recent trends, others honor their cultures. If you marry into or are from a culture having a tradition of men wearing engagement rings, you might find yourself wearing one. That is a noble gesture that shows that you respect and honor your family tradition (or that of your significant other.)

Do men have to wear engagement rings?

The bottom line is, no one has to wear an engagement ring in the world today. It all comes down to personal preference. You can choose to wear or not wear an engagement ring, but it would be wise to be on the same page as your better half. And if you decide to wear one, trust Perry's Jewelers to deliver a men's engagement ring that stands out!