Can Any Ring Be Used As An Engagement Ring?

The engagement period is an exhilarating one that many people mark with the exchange of rings to symbolize love, commitment, and dedication. Traditionally, it was the norm for engagement rings to have a diamond stone. But does that expectation still hold today? We have the answers…

Do you have to choose a diamond engagement ring?

You can, but you don't have to. While diamonds are a beauty in their own right, no regulation says you have to get a diamond ring for your engagement. In fact, you can choose to get a simple ring design or custom vintage ring to propose to your better half; make sure they're not a diamond fanatic. After all, it's their finger that the ring will slide on!

Why go the non-traditional way? You ask

There is a myriad of reasons why you would want to get alternative engagement ring styles and steer away from the "diamond fever," including:

  • Diamond rings are not in line with your culture.
  • You want a unique jewel.
  • Colored gemstones are what you prefer.
  • You want a plain band.
  • Diamonds are too expensive, and so you want a slightly affordable option.

The alternatives

When it comes to engagement rings, it's best to choose durable gems that withstand wear and tear for long periods. While diamonds are the hardest (hence the popularity), other stones are quite as hard and rarer than diamonds. Such gems include rubies and sapphires, and you can also consider tanzanite and topaz. Using aquamarine or emerald as gems for your engagement ring is also a viable option.

But what if you don't want a gem? Here, you have the option of a no-stone ring or a plain band. And if you don't want a ring at all, you can choose to use items such as lockets or necklaces.

Final thoughts

Engagement rings do not have to be of a specific stone, size, or design. You can use any ring or symbol for your engagement, but it's wise to ensure you're both in agreement. The bottom line is, your happiness is all that matters. When the time comes, consult Perry's Jewelers for your engagement ring, and let us design the jewel you will love.