What Is The Most Expensive Diamond Cut?

A diamond cut refers to how a diamond is shaped from a rough stone to form facets. A diamond cut is the most crucial aspect you should consider before buying any diamond. The cut is a factor that determines how light is reflected from the diamond to the viewer. 

Sparkle and brilliance are dependent on the quality of the cut. If a diamond is poorly cut, it will reflect less light hence less brilliance and fire. The round brilliant is the most expensive diamond cut, with the price going up to 40% higher than other diamonds. 

Why Is The Round Brilliant Cut Diamond So Expensive?


The round brilliant cut diamond has the most sparkle than other diamond shapes. The perfect cut creates 58 facets that reflect and refract light back to the viewer, giving an excellent sparkling effect. The quality and type of cut determine light performance, and on the other hand, sparkle is defined by angles, locations, shapes, and size of facets. 

According to GIA, the four cut grades are; excellent, excellent, good, fair, and poor. 

Perfect Shape

A brilliant round cut has a perfect shape which causes it to lose close to 60% of the original rough stone during the cutting process. The facets force the cutter to be extremely precise. Having the perfect shape costs a lot of work and waste; a brilliant round cut remains the most expensive diamond on the market. The price of the diamond is essentially higher than that of a larger stone.

Very Popular

The most popular yet expensive diamonds are the round, brilliant cuts. According to statistics, the percentage of round cut diamond engagement rings sold in the United States is more than 75.

Most people prefer round-brilliant cuts because you get value for your money. With the amount of sparkle a round, brilliant engagement ring has, you won't be able to notice imperfections with your naked eye. 


Round brilliant-cut diamonds are undoubtedly the best, but if you are on a tight budget, you can opt for lower clarity and grading diamond cuts such as princess cut, cushion cut, emerald cut, and oval cut. At Perry's Diamonds & Estate Jewelry, we have a wide range of diamond jewelry and will help you choose the suitable one for your budget. Check our collection and give us a call today!

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