What Is Diamond Brilliance?

Diamond brilliance is a big factor to consider when choosing the perfect diamond ring. Diamond brilliance is how reflective or "sparkly" a diamond is. In technical terms, it is the amount of white light reflecting off of a diamond. Diamonds with poor brilliance are generally of lower quality and can appear dull. Diamonds with excellent brilliance are captivating to look at with a chandelier-like design that reflects an ample amount of light back to the viewer. 

How Diamond Brilliance Works 

Brilliance is how much white light reflects off of a diamond. Diamond brilliance determines how much "sparkle" the stone has, an attribute many seek when picking out engagement rings and wedding bands. Below are some factors that impact brilliance. 

  • Diamond Cut: Diamond brilliance is determined by its cut. The right cut will result in a beautiful reflection back to the viewer. A diamond cut that is too shallow or too deep will reflect the light in different directions, impacting its brilliance.
  • Number of Facets: The number of facts also impacts a diamond's brilliance. For example, baguette diamonds feature just 14 facets. Less light is reflected and the ring isn't very shiny. Brilliant-cut diamonds have more than 50 facets, reflecting much more light and creating a sparkly appearance. Those looking for a piece of jewelry that is bright, sparkly, and eye-catching usually gravitate toward diamonds with multiple facets.
  • Scintillation: Finally, scintillation plays an important role in diamond brilliance. Scintillation is the sparkle of light in a diamond, determined by movement. So, if the viewer or the diamond moves, the light will bounce around, creating the sparkle. 

Diamond Brilliance vs. Diamond Fire

Diamond brilliance is different from diamond fire. Diamond brilliance refers strictly to the white light reflected from the diamond. Diamond fire refers to the white light that is diffracted into a rainbow of colors. Ultimately, it's up to individual preference whether to prioritize fire or brilliance. 

Choosing Your Diamond Brilliance

When choosing the perfect diamond for you, pay attention to what attracts you most. Do you prefer a glamorous, shiny style? Or are you looking for something more dreamy and subtle? If you're unsure of where to start, contact Perry's Diamond and Estate Jewelers today.

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