What Is An Asscher Cut Diamond?

An Asscher cut diamond is a square-shaped style of diamond with elegant step corners and a high crown. The Asscher is a breathtaking rock resembling an emerald except for its octagonal square shape. This timeless design is unique and perfect for a wedding band.

The cut is the most important of the 4Cs when you're choosing a diamond. It determines the price and expresses your style and personality. An Asscher cut is a stunning design with a rich history and is made for people who like something different. 

The History of Asscher Cut Diamonds

The Asscher cut of diamond was first created in 1902 by the Asscher brothers of the Royal Asscher Diamond Company. 

The Asscher brothers are world-renowned diamond experts who once cut a 3106-carat rough diamond.

Characteristics of an Asscher Cut Diamond

An Asscher cut diamond features a step-cutting style with 57 facets. It is square-shaped, hence its reference as a square emerald.

When you look into an Asscher cut diamond from above, you'll see x-shaped facets running from the four corners to the middle. You'll also notice a series of squares within each other creating a mirror-like shimmer.

The light return on the facet steps brings out mesmerizing reflections of bright white light. When buying one, choose at least VS2 clarity since any flaws on the rock are very clear.

Why You Should Buy an Asscher Cut

Asscher cuts have long been considered vintage pieces since they were invented. However, thanks to being featured in Hollywood, and being worn by celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Pippa Middleton, these gems have grown very popular.

Asher cuts are now also considered stylish due to their sophisticated step-cut silhouette, which is unusual.

The Asscher cut is a very clear diamond due to the facet arrangement, high crown, and depth. This means that it reveals color more prominently, unlike other diamond cuts.

If you're into vintage elegance with a modern twist, then you'll love an Asscher cut for a wedding or engagement ring. This design is cut out for those who like something that's out of the ordinary and will never go out of style.

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