What Is A Cushion Cut Diamond?

Over the past few years, the cushion-cut diamond has become one of the most popular choices for engagement rings. This timeless cut is known for its romantic and antique-inspired look. Read on for more information about cushion cut diamonds.

What Are Cushion Cut Diamonds?

A cushion cut diamond is a modified brilliant cut diamond with a square or rectangular shape and rounded corners. It gets its name from its form, which resembles a pillow or cushion. Cushion Cut diamonds typically have 58 facets, similar to round brilliant cut diamonds, which gives them more sparkle and fire.

The cost of a cushion-cut diamond is generally far lower than the price of a round, brilliant diamond. However, as the preference for cushion cut diamond rings increases, their costs may change or rise considerably.

Features of a Cushion Cut Diamond

Below are some of the characteristics that distinguish a cushion-cut diamond from other types of diamonds:

  • Rectangular or square shape
  • Antique, vintage look and feel
  • Rounded edges
  • A brilliant cut-style, which is comparable to Princess Cut diamonds and Round Brilliant.
  • Numerous style choices ( standard or modified, rectangular or square, crushed ice or chunky)

Pros and Cons of Cushion Cut Diamonds

Cushion-cut diamonds have several advantages and disadvantages that you should keep in mind when shopping for an engagement ring. Here are some of the pros and cons:


  • It has a high degree of fire and brilliance
  • Its unique shape allows for a more customized engagement ring
  • Extremely durable due to its rounded edges
  • It combines classic, antique fashion with a modern flair
  • Less costly than Round Cut diamonds (per carat)
  • A rising popularity


  • Referred to by several terms which may confuse a buyer (classic cushion, modified cushion, and chunky cushion)
  • Retains color more than other shapes
  • Due to its flat top imperfections are easier to see


The cushion-cut diamond is a romantic and timeless choice for an engagement ring. Although it is less expensive than a round brilliant cut diamond, its costs may rise as its popularity increases. When shopping for a cushion-cut diamond, consider your budget and the 4Cs of diamonds (cut, clarity, color, and carat weight). Consult with a qualified jeweler to find your ideal cushion-cut diamond engagement ring.

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