What Is A Baguette Diamond?

A baguette diamond has been in existence since the Art Deco Movement. It is a rectangular diamond with 14 facets and either tapered or straight edges. Diamond baguettes were popularly used for engagement rings because of their shape and carat size. Today, baguettes make perfect three-stone rings that are less expensive and still give an appealing vintage look. 

Characteristics Of Baguette Diamonds

  1. Baguette diamonds are usually rectangular with straight or tapered edges. 
  2. The 14 facets of a baguette diamond are cut along thin and elongated lines. 
  3. Baguette diamonds are categorized in the step-cut family due to the tapered cuts. 
  4. The clarity of a baguette diamond makes a beautiful accent stone. 
  5. Baguette diamonds do not have internal brilliance due to their shapes and number of facets

How To Find The Best Baguette Diamond

Baguettes Are Best In Sets

Baguettes and tapered baguettes are desirable when in sets. You can decide to have two or three on each shoulder. Make sure that the width and length are equal to fit the channels. In order to get a good match for straight baguettes, they have a height and width of 0.1 millimeters. Tapered baguettes should be more precise; the wide and narrow end widths have to be exactly 0.1mm. Buy a baguette with a solid or slight taper; the curve is likely to be sharp when the taper is stronger. 

Treatment Is Necessary

Just like other gemstones, baguettes are treated to make them beautiful. The treatment is done at a high temperature to enhance clarity and color. A treated baguette diamond can withstand damage caused by chipping and dulling. 

The Value

Baguette diamonds are less expensive compared to other diamonds of similar shapes and cuts. However, baguettes that appear at the top of the D-to-Z diamond color-grading system are costly. The higher the grade of the diamond, the higher the price.


Baguette diamonds belong to the step-cut category, which simply means that they have a total of 14 facets arranged parallel to the table edges. The crown facets are visible in a terrace-like fashion. 

Color And Clarity

The color and clarity of the baguettes in a ring should be similar and match the center stone. A baguette diamond that is not appealing has a different color and clarity from the center stone. 


You should avoid inclusions because even the tiny inclusions are very visible compared to brilliant-cut diamonds


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