How To Clean Vintage Jewelry

An antique piece of jewelry such as a vintage diamond is the kind of treasure that you are proud to take home and use with different outfits. Though it may shine and sparkle when you've just bought it, you will need to maintain it so as to keep showing its original splendor. Every month or two vintage diamonds need to be cleaned to keep them as sparkling as new. These stones are 50-100 years old, and thus, special care is needed to maintain the original aura. Taking good care of vintage diamonds will preserve them for many more years. Here are tips on how to clean a vintage diamond.

Check for Signs of Damage

Check for signs of extreme wear and damage, and if any, take your vintage diamond to a professional and never try to clean at home. Home cleaning these precious stones when damaged or extremely weary exacerbates the damage and further harms them.

Use Proper Tools

 After thorough inspection of the vintage diamond, you need to use proper tools to clean, such as a toothbrush, a soft cloth, or a cleaning solution.

Dry the Jewelry after Cleaning

After cleaning the diamond to your satisfaction, make sure to dry it completely before you put it away. Dry it thoroughly using a cloth or a soft towel and then hang it to allow gravity to do the rest.

Polish the Vintage Diamond

When the diamond has completely dried up, use a specially made polishing cloth and gently run it over the stone. These special polishing cloths are available online and at most jewelers' outlets. A special polishing cloth helps in introducing the diamonds' original sparkle and shine.

Still Need Help Cleaning Vintage Jewelry?

Knowing how to clean a vintage diamond prolongs its longevity and ensures that your classy possession stays on for generations to come.  At Perry's we are here to help you make your vintage diamonds last longer. Contact us today for more tips.

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