How To Clean Pearl Jewelry

Pearl is a beautiful object used to make unique jewelry that can be passed down to generations. It is a hard glistening object such as a particle, tiny seed, or bead covered by a shiny nacre produced as an inner shell by a mollusk. Therefore, whether the pearls are cleaned, how they are cleaned, and how they are stored all affect how long they will last. 

The Reason Why Pearls Need Special Care

The pearl's exterior layer, composed of lustrous nacre, can peel or get scratched. The type of mollusk, the water it lives in, and the amount of time the bead spends there before being removed from the water all affect how thick the nacre coating is—the quality and durability of the pearl increase with nacre thickness.

How Frequently Should Pearl Jewelry Be Cleaned?

Firstly, for care and longevity, clean your pearl jewelry every time you remove them. It prevents the build-up of dirt, allows proper jewelry inspection, and maintains its luster. You can wipe them using a soft cloth each time you remove them. Secondly, you should observe their integrity; if it's decreasing, deep clean them. Thirdly, visit a professional jeweler once a year for a professional cleaning and inspection. Although you should wash them every time you wear them, washing them too frequently and thoroughly may reduce their sparkle.

Cleaning Your Pearl Jewelry

Necessary Tools

  • Warm water
  • Two clean, soft cloths
  • Soft towel
  • Mild detergent

The Cleaning Process

  • Inspect your pearl jewelry to ensure that it is in the proper condition. Check to see if the silk strands in your bracelets and necklaces have stretched and that the clasps on them open and close properly. Furthermore, look at the earring post attachment.
  • Make soapy water by adding mild detergent to lukewarm water. Ensure the water is not hot. Clean the pearl of dirt and soap with a damp cloth.
  • Take clean water and dampen it with fresh water. Use the damp cloth to wipe off dirt and soap on the pearl.
  • Place the pearl on a soft towel to air dry for a while before storage. It maintains the elasticity of the silk thread that strings the pearl.

Tips For Maintaining Pearls Authenticity

  • Before wearing your pearl, ensure that you have put your makeup on, applied lotion, and used your perfume and hairspray. Moreover, as you wear your pearl jewelry last, you must also remove them first.
  • Wipe them every time you remove them, deep clean when their authenticity reduces, and visit a professional. 
  • Store your pearls separately from other jewelry to avoid searching. They should be kept hydrated by being placed in a soft, non-abrasive fabric bag or fabric-lined jewelry box.
  • Do not hang your pearls to maintain the integrity of the silk thread. 
  • Cleaning with corrosive substances and ultrasonic cleaners can cause the nacre to chip, crack, and gape. It can result in the loss of the nacre, leaving only a dull bead behind. Whether a pearl is real or imitation, durability depends on good maintenance.

Professional Visit To Your Jeweler

Knowing how to take care of your pearl jewelry is essential. Ensure you clean your pearl jewelry every time you wear them; deep clean them once in a while to maintain luster and store them properly. Moreover, ensure you visit a professional for cleaning once a year to ensure that your pearl retains its beauty and integrity. At Perry's Diamond And Estate Jewelers, we have experts who will sell, inspect, and clean pearls for you. Visit us to buy or have your pearls cleaned by an expert.

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