Do You Take Off Your Engagement Ring To Shower?

It is perfectly understandable to want to wear your engagement ring all the time. Receiving one is an exciting symbol of love and the desire to build an everlasting marriage. However, you will eventually need to shower, and you may ask yourself whether you can wear your precious ring while doing so. Can you wear your ring in the shower? Yes. Should you wear your ring in the shower? Absolutely not! Read on to learn more about why you should take your engagement ring off before you lather up. 

Will Soap Damage My Engagement Ring?

The majority of commercial soaps, shampoos, and conditioners contain oils and chemical compounds that do not get along with precious metals. While these products can leave your skin and hair looking better than ever, the same cannot be said for your engagement ring. Gold and silver can easily become discolored when exposed to these compounds. 

In addition, many exfoliating body washes and soaps are designed to scrub away dead skin and leave you looking smooth. Again, great for you, but not for your ring. The "micro scrubbers" in these soaps are abrasive to both the precious metals and the gemstones used in engagement rings. They leave microscopic scratches all over your ring, which over time will dull its shine. Even soaps that feel smooth on your skin can be rough on your engagement ring.

Does My Ring Get Cloudy In The Shower?

Gemstones naturally attract various oils over time. Because of this, the buildup of oils from soaps and shampoos can cause your gemstone to appear cloudy. Soapy residue can also end up under the prongs holding your gemstone in place, where it's a lot harder to clean. On top of that, the chemicals in various shower products, even in natural ones, can cause a lot of problems for the clarity of your ring. And because a diamond ring's value is highly tied to its brilliance, wearing your ring in the shower can lessen its value. 

Can I Lose My Engagement Ring Down The Drain?

Yes, you can easily end up watching your engagement ring go right down the drain. Even if your ring is sized perfectly for your finger, there's no way to prevent it from sliding off as you apply slippery soaps, shampoos, and conditioners. And even if your ring is too big to immediately go down the drain, dropping it onto the hard surface of your shower can damage the gemstone or scratch the metal of the ring itself.

In conclusion, engagement rings can be difficult to take off once they go on your finger. But they're much more difficult and far more expensive to repair or replace. It is simply not a good idea to wear your engagement ring in the shower even once. So, before getting in the shower, remove it and keep it somewhere safe, preferably outside the steamy bathroom.

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