Cubic Zirconia VS. Diamond

Many people feel it is challenging for non-experts to distinguish between cubic zirconia and a real diamond. However, this may not be entirely true. Various telltale signs can help you identify the type of stone you are dealing with. 

Depending on their clarity, hardness, and cost, you can spot a real diamond and differentiate it from a fake one like cubic zirconia. Here are the essential differences. 

What Is Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic zirconia refers to a manufactured gem with visible features similar to a real diamond. Some are found in nature in small amounts but most used in making jewelry are artificially produced in labs. They are not real diamonds, yet they are still the most common and realistic diamond alternatives. 

The Differences Between Cubic Zirconia And Real Diamond

You can differentiate the two using these three significant ways: 


Despite the similarities, a closer look at each stone will help you note the differences. Any diamond fanatic understands that diamonds will still contain a gray, brown, or yellow tint regardless of their clarity. Cubic zirconia is likely to be completely colorless with no natural inclusions like in real diamond. You can observe these easily under a microscope. 


The two stones may look precisely similar, but their composition differs. Consider the hardness of the stones you are dealing with. The diamond is the hardest stone known to man. Cubic zirconia, on the other hand, has a lower rating of hardness. Also, when you have two similar-sized stones of diamond and cubic zirconia, the latter will be slightly denser and weigh more. 


This is the most common red flag that non-experts tell if a stone is fake or real. Always ask for certificates when you feel the price for a jewel is too low. Still, you may consider factors such as a jewel with small diamonds will cost less than a large cubic zirconia stone. Of course, you can avoid any pitfalls and shop for the actual stone at its perfect price by dealing with a reputable seller.

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