Are Sapphires Good For Engagement Rings?

An engagement symbolizes the start of a new beginning between you and your lovebird. And the best way to celebrate the engagement is by gifting them a good engagement ring. Diamond engagement rings have for a long time been used as a classic choice. But, to break this norm, people are now going for bolder and colored gemstones like sapphires for their engagement rings.

Sapphire is a versatile gemstone from the corundum minerals, also known as the September birthstone. It was once believed to possess spiritual qualities. Sapphires, unlike diamonds, have a variety of colors like white, orange, evergreen, champagne, indigo blue, and ocean spray blue. This makes you spoilt for choice.  

One outstanding characteristic of sapphires is their eye-catching and unique design. With diamonds, they may look identical, but no two sapphires look the same.

Why Sapphires Are Good for Engagement Rings

Over the recent past, more couples are ditching diamond rings for sapphire engagement for the following reasons:

Variety of Colors

Most people perceive that sapphires are of royal blue color only. But, sapphires come in all the different colors of the rainbow; green, orange, yellow, teal, lavender, and pink. These colors provide you with a vast array of options to choose a unique sapphire stone that matches your taste and preference.


Strong and Hardy

Sapphires have a score record of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes it tough and strong for daily wear. Due to the lack of cleavage, sapphires cannot break when struck. Its care and maintenance are easy since you require soap and warm water to keep it sparkly.


Compared to other precious stones like diamonds, sapphires are more affordable. Its variety and origin determine a sapphire's price. Sapphires are common to find compared to diamonds; thus, its market has not been monopolized, commanding competitive prices.

A Larger Center Stone

Sapphires of a similar carat weight and shape as a diamond engagement ring are cheaper, making them a great alternative. Sapphires help you to maximize the center stone without causing a rift in your budget.

Sapphire engagement rings have become a common trait among couples due to their uniqueness and affordability. They come in various colors, including royal blue, yellow, and pink, to match your preference. If you are looking for the perfect sapphire engagement ring for your lover, contact Perry's for the best and affordable rings.

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