What Is A Salt And Pepper Diamond?

Believe it or not, some people are not fans of big, flashy, white diamond rings. Though this style may seem to prevail on every engagement announcement you see, there are still some folks in the world looking for something different, something truer to them and their style.

What Are Salt and Pepper Diamonds?

Salt and pepper diamonds, with some types also being referred to as galaxy diamonds, are a jewelry trend of the last few years that is here to stay. Like a galaxy of stars, planets, and asteroids, you can truly get lost looking into one of these unique diamonds.

And, yes—they are diamonds! Though they can be mistaken for other gemstones due to people not being familiar with their unique appearance, salt and pepper diamonds are natural diamonds all the same. What makes them different are the inclusions, the "salt and pepper" you see.

As noted in the name, these inclusions can be white or black, light or dark gray, and even more earthy colors like brown and red. The inclusions can be specks, fogginess, or beautiful whisps throughout the stone. 

All diamonds are evaluated and possibly treated for inclusions, which are taken into account when determining the clarity of a diamond. Traditionally, included diamonds were not valuable. There are more included diamonds than not, so miners would often discard a plethora of beautiful, "imperfect" stones, which are now more fashionable and appreciated.

The Meaning Behind Salt And Pepper Diamonds

Though clear diamonds are more expensive because they are more "rare," salt and pepper diamonds are truly one of a kind. They have a depth that standard diamonds simply cannot compete with. They tell their story of being forged by the earth and appear different from every angle.

Many people relate to this stone as they think about engagement and other relationship milestones, preferring to be realistic in representing themselves and their partner. The superficial brilliance of a white diamond does not always fit with the imperfections that must be embraced by lovers. 

Best Occasions For Salt And Pepper Diamonds

Salt and peppers are a great option for any occasion. Once you have one, you may find yourself looking forward to the next purchase, because they are all so different and fun. Just like typical white diamonds, salt and pepper diamonds are found in all shapes and sizes.

They tend to look best with yellow or rose gold, and they pair beautifully with all types of gemstones and different colored diamonds. They are cut flatter than other diamonds for extra protection of their inclusions.

Things To Remember

Salt and pepper diamonds are just as hard as standard diamonds, but since their beauty comes from their flaws, and there are more of them, it is important to choose a protective setting for this stone. Beautiful protective settings include the bezel and halo settings.

If you are not crazy about sparkle, you can get more for your money with salt and pepper diamonds. This does not mean that they are cheap, and with the wide range of possibilities for this type of diamond, you are bound to find the perfect stone for you or your loved one.

Embrace the perfect imperfections and contact us for help with your salt and pepper diamond search.

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