What is Edwardian Style Jewelry?

One of the most luxurious and innovative eras of jewelry design is the Edwardian era which occurred from 1901 to 1915. You'll recognize Edwardian style jewelry by its lacey and delicate appearance. These feminine pieces usually include intricate filigree & milgrain work. 

The History of Edwardian Style Jewelry 

The Edwardian Era is named after the English King, Edward VII. Fashionable ladies of the early 1900s were always well-dressed and sought the perfect accessories to finish their classy look. Jewelers spent a lot of time creating highly detailed, feminine pieces. 

  • Milgrain work — a technique jewelers still use more than a century later — gives the edges of a jewelry a delicate beaded or "coin edge" effect. It's a labor-intensive and time-consuming process. 
  • The Edwardian Era is also the first time platinum was regularly used in jewelry.
  •  Platinum is a lightweight, strong precious metal that is still sought-after in Edwardian jewelry.

Today, Edwardian style pieces are as popular as ever! And consumers have the choice between original / antique Edwardian jewelry and new pieces crafted in the same style. When choosing between antique Edwardian style jewelry or new pieces, it's all about personal preference.

Should I Buy Edwardian Style Jewelry?

Modern diamonds are cut differently than they were 100 years ago. A contemporary diamond will have a bigger table than an old mine cut diamond of the same carat weight, and they may be treated. So modern diamonds may have the more prominent, brighter appearance that modern ladies crave. 

However, there is something romantic about a smaller, older diamond too. It all boils down to personal preference. A small antique Edwardian ring will surely suit her style if your intended is a feminine lady on the petite side. If she's a more modern career woman who tends to wear big jewelry and "power pieces," choose a modern ring with a powerfully large diamond in it. 

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