What Is An Old Mine Cut Diamond?

Welcome to another insightful blog from Perry's Diamonds & Estate Jewelry, your trusted source for expert knowledge in the world of antique and estate jewelry. Today, we turn back the clock to explore the allure and mystique of old mine-cut diamonds, a cherished artifact from a bygone era.

The Old Mine Cut Diamond - An Overview

The old mine cut diamond is a historic diamond cutting style that beautifully mirrors the craftsmanship of early gem cutters. This cutting style originated in the 18th and 19th centuries when diamonds were primarily sourced from the "old mines" of India and Brazil, hence its name.

Characteristics of an Old Mine Cut Diamond

Like a time capsule, an old mine-cut diamond carries the essence of the era it originated from. Here's what sets it apart:

  • Facets: The old mine cut typically features 58 facets, arranged in a way that was intended to maximize the diamond's fire rather than its brilliance.
  • Shape: These diamonds are usually squarish in shape with gently rounded corners, known as a cushion shape.
  • Culet: Unlike modern cuts, the old mine cut diamond has a large and visible culet, 

giving it a unique charm.

The Craftsmanship Behind Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Old mine-cut diamonds reflect a time when each diamond was meticulously hand-cut by artisans, a stark contrast to today's precision machine cuts. These diamonds were shaped using rudimentary tools, showcasing the undeniable skill and patience of diamond cutters of the past. The evolution from old mine cuts to more modern cuts represents the continual advancement in diamond-cutting technology.

Value and Appeal of Old Mine Cut Diamonds

As your premier personal property appraiser, Perry's Diamonds & Estate Jewelry understands the factors contributing to an old mine-cut diamond's value:

  • Rarity: Due to their age and the fact that many have been recut into modern shapes, genuine old mine-cut diamonds are quite rare.
  • Unique appeal: The imperfect, hand-cut facets of old mine-cut diamonds offer a warm, romantic glow that's particularly sought after in vintage and antique jewelry.
  • Market Demand: The growing trend for vintage-inspired jewelry designs has increased the demand for these classic cuts.

Buying an Old Mine Cut Diamond - What to Look Out For

If you're intrigued by the charm of an old mine-cut diamond and considering adding one to your collection, our GIA Graduate Gemologists at Perry's Diamonds & Estate Jewelry offer some tips:

  • Authenticity: Old mine cut diamonds should show signs of being hand cut, which may include asymmetry and a visible culet.
  • Condition: Given their age, it's common for old mine-cut diamonds to show signs of wear. Always have such diamonds thoroughly inspected by a professional.
  • Trustworthy Source: It's crucial to buy from a reputable source like Perry's Diamonds & Estate Jewelry, where every piece is carefully inspected for quality and authenticity.

Famous Old Mine Cut Diamonds

Numerous old mine-cut diamonds have made history due to their size, beauty, and fascinating stories. While these famous diamonds are not typically available on the market, Perry's Diamonds & Estate Jewelry often offers similarly charming old mine-cut diamonds.


The old mine-cut diamond represents a significant piece of history and carries a unique charm that continues to captivate collectors and lovers of antique jewelry. At Perry's Diamonds & Estate Jewelry, we’re proud to offer these extraordinary diamonds that connect us to the richness of our past.

Are you intrigued by the timeless beauty of old mine-cut diamonds? Visit our showroom or schedule an appointment with our expert team to explore our antique and estate jewelry collection. Our GIA Graduate Gemologists are always available to guide you through the fascinating world of old mine-cut diamonds and help you choose the perfect piece.

Thank you for trusting Perry's Diamonds & Estate Jewelry as your go-to resource for antique and estate jewelry. We invite you to continue exploring our website and blog for more insights and advice from our expert team.

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