What Diamond Shape Looks The Biggest?

Investing in a diamond engagement ring for your significant other is a huge financial decision in everyone's life. You have to be careful and consider some factors that include color, clarity, carat, and the gem's cut to impress your loved one. Choosing a diamond shape that appears bigger in the eyes of your partner is one way to save your buck without sacrificing showmanship. Optical characteristics of various diamond shapes and cuts alter the diamond's appearance.

Since we always value educating our customers at Perry's Diamond and Estate Jewelers, we have decided to help you explore what diamond shapes have a visual design.

Elongated Diamonds Appear Biggest

Everyone who wants their diamond to seem the biggest should choose an elongated diamond shape. These long designs create a more surface area on the top of the diamond, which naturally convinces the eye that it's a bigger stone. However, cuts of elongated diamonds are shallow, meaning that lower facet cuts are slightly shorter. This spread that creates illusion is evident in popular diamond shapes.

Attractive Shapes with Optical Impact

Oval Cut

The oval cut appears more prominent and has high brilliance; thus, it is the most popular elongated diamond shape. Their superior appearance and brightness are because they are faceted, similar to round-brilliant cuts.

Marquise Cut

These have an oval shape with more extended tips on each end. This "football" shaped cut allows for different length-to-width ratios, making the diamond's 57 facets appear more extensive than its carat weight would suggest.

Emerald Cut

The rectangular step-cut facets of this cut are well-known, and this shape naturally gives the impression of a larger diamond. Emerald cut diamonds have a large table that takes up a lot of room on your ring finger.

Pear Shaped

Pear-shaped diamonds have 8% greater surface area on average than round diamonds of the same carat weight. It's easy to see why this unusual "teardrop" design can make a great statement and is becoming a more widespread engagement ring choice.

Looking Bigger Is Better

By comparing entirely, diamonds cut into fancy shapes with elongated profiles will nearly always appear more prominent than round-cut diamonds of similar carat weight. Also, fancy shapes can cost 10-30% less per carat, allowing you to save some bucks on higher-quality diamonds in other areas of your purchase.

While oval-shaped diamonds are thought to create the best illusion of a larger diamond, the final decision on which shape appeals to you is yours to make. Contact the best jewelry consultants at Perry's Diamonds & Estate Jewelry for helpful information about diamond shapes and cuts!

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