What Makes A Diamond Sparkle?

Everything about a diamond is one-of-a-kind, from its dazzling, clear appearance to its durability and strength. The way a diamond sparkles and reflects light is what makes it the most sought-after stone in the world; it's what captures our imaginations and our affections. How can a diamond have such a sparkling luster?

What Is It About A Diamond That Makes It Sparkle?

Only a diamond cutter can polish a diamond. A diamond-dusted cutting wheel grinds and polishes each of the diamond's precisely angled facets. To shine, these facets must be precisely aligned and proportioned. Like a hall of mirrors, light bounces and reflects off a perfectly faceted diamond as it travels through it.

What Affects A Diamond's Sparkle?

The brilliance of diamond results from a combination of three factors; brilliance, fire, and scintillation. The refraction of light by a diamond influences its optical properties. When all three of these characteristics are present, a diamond's sparkle and brightness are maximized.


The brightness of a diamond may measure white light. A diamond's 'brilliance,' in other words, is the appearance of pure white light glinting off its surface. The stone's brilliance is created when light enters from the top, reflects off one lower facet before returning to the top.


Flashes of color formed when white light is split into its prominent hues are called fire. There is a variety of colors seen in diamonds because of the fire that created them. This phenomenon may be seen similar to how light creates a visible rainbow after or during rain.


The capacity of a diamond to refract light from a moving source is termed scintillation. Scintillation is the diamond's ability to reflect light. The surface area of a well-cut stone contributes to its perceived brilliance.

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