What Is A Diamond Simulant?

Simulants are imitations that have geological characteristics like those of diamonds. They can be natural, artificial, and a combination of both.

While simulants have different material characteristics than diamonds, they have similar physical characteristics such as depression and hardness. This makes it hard for untrained eyes to determine the difference. However, gemologists have the equipment to distinguish simulants from natural or synthetic diamonds.

Types Of Diamond Simulants

The common materials used to make simulants are rhinestone or high leaded glass and cubic zirconia. Other simulants are made from synthetic rutile and strontium titanate. However, high-quality simulants are made from moissanite.

Materials used to make simulants should have diamond hardness, durability, and a scratch-free appearance. While no material can match the diamond in these characteristics, the above materials are remarkably good in all the above characteristics. This is why it is good to have the gems checked by professional gemologists.

How To Tell The Difference Between Diamonds And Diamond Simulants 

There are different methods used to differentiate natural gems from imitations. They include the following:

Thermal conductivity 

Diamond conducts heat, but most simulants do not. A small charge is passed through the gem using a thermistor to check conductivity.

External And Internal Flaws

Due to their hardness, diamonds are hardly scratched. Besides, it has a definite internal structure that gives it its unique shape. However, many simulants have minor flaws and are easily scratched.

Color and Clarity

Diamonds are cut into various brilliants to reflect as much light as possible to the viewer. Besides, gems come in various hues, from blue to yellow. However, simulants may have colors not seen in diamonds, such as the ' liquid feather.'


Simulants are considerably cheaper than natural gems and give the prestige that comes with diamond jewelry. However, you should know the difference between the two when buying any jewelry. A reputable jeweler should help you choose between the two.

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